Our standard process is the Direct to Garment printing method. We use Kornit printers for all DTG related prints.

DTG is a water-based ink technology that prints directly onto a shirt, much like printing on paper. There is no order minimums and no limit to the number of colors in your design. However, when choosing the colors for your artwork, it’s important to note that they may look different on a real product than what you see on your computer monitor. For more information on how to setup your artwork, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Because of this, we can’t guarantee color accuracy 100%. Consider the following factors:

  • When printing on garments, it’s important to consider fabric material and garment color. The same color value will look a little different on 100% cotton vs. a fabric blend. Similarly, the same color value will look different when printed on a light vs. dark colored garment.
  • We also print a white under base layer underneath our prints so that the colors look vibrant and stand out from the fabric.
  • Due to the nature of the printing process, some prints could show tiny pinholes in the ink. This is normal as the shirt fibers tend to stand up through the ink during the curing process. Our ink is transparent so printing on bright neon colors, such as safety orange and neon orange, the color of the shirt could migrate into the ink during the printing process and discolor the artwork.
  • DTG will have a different look and feel when compared to screen printing. These two techniques use different inks and curing processes.

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